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Welcome to Florhenium

Unlocking Rhenium's green potential

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New Innovation
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What is

Green technology for rhenium phyto-mining.

Rhenium is one of the world's rarest and most expensive metals with unique physicochemical properties and wide applications in modern industries.

Our innovative solution harnesses the power of plants to extract rhenium from areas near known Rhenium deposits.

By utilizing plant extraction (phytoextraction), we offer a cheap, environmentally friendly, and efficient method to generate added amounts of this high-value metal.

Our technology ensures the production of environmentally safe and green rhenium, contributing to a sustainable future.

Join us in revolutionizing the mining industry and protecting the environment.


Environmentally safe and green solution for rhenium extraction.

Significantly reduces energy consumption compared to conventional mining methods.

Very cheap production costs compared to traditional mining techniques

Utilizes plant hyperaccumulators to concentrate rhenium, making it a renewable raw material.

Enables the remediation of toxic metal-contaminated sites through the clean-up process.

Supports the development of high-temperature alloys for aerospace and energy applications.

Contributes to the production of unleaded, high-octane gasoline through Re-Pt catalysts.

Facilitates the treatment of lung cancer through the application of rhenium isotopes.

Offers a sustainable and responsible alternative to extract rhenium.

Extract Rhenium from plants near known Rhenium deposits.

Environementally safe and green solution to generate added amounts of this high-value metal.

Very cheap production costs compared to conventional mining.

Rhenium mining has a huge energy consumption and is harmful to the environment.

Rhenium is widely used as a very high-tier metal.

The Florhenium solution offers a groundbreaking approach to rhenium extraction by harnessing the power of plants.

Our technology not only addresses the environmental concerns associated with traditional mining but also provides a cost-effective and sustainable source of this valuable metal.

Key Features

Revolutionizing Resource Extraction

Phyto-Mining Unleashes Rhenium from Plant Kingdom

Nature's Treasure Trove

Rhenium Hyperaccumulators Unveil Tenfold Enrichment

Harnessing Nature's Bounty

Achieving Complete Rhenium Extraction through Innovative Methods

Our Markets

Industries requiring rhenium, such as aerospace, electronics, organic synthesis, and energy applications.

Mining enterprises seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives.